Located in the High Court of Religion Pekanbaru meeting room on the second floor, implemented routine English Study Club (ESC) which started at 08.00 am (16/10/2012), the High judges  of  PTA Pekanbaru  was attended  by all,  amount 21 participant, including the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the PTA Pekanbaru.

The opening preceded by ESC coordinator in  the English study group meeting in his speech, Sutomo, his nickname "Mas Tom" introduce a new lecturer to participants of ESC, Mr Ferdinand Wouda  ( dailycalled Ferry). He came from Holland who as a lecturer at the University of  Riau and gratitude for his willingness to teach in this ESC. Attendance at the forum he was accompanied by his wife from Indonesia, so the study is more complete, with becaucee of some difficult sentences  will  be interpreted by his wife. Therefore pronounced welcome and verry glade to met Ferry. Before Ferry deliver the english material, first Vice chairman of the PTA Pekanbaru, Armia Ibrahim our father, our teacher as a tenured faculty to thank and was pleased to meet with Ferry were willing to take the time to teach in English language materials. therefore, how our expectations with friends to talk, write, read with correct intonation, because if different intonation, meaning it will different too. He also realized that English is not the language of our day, so even if there are not appropriate intonation in speech is reasonable and make efforts continue to speak the best English. In addition, plan future studies will practice speaking outside the classroom, in order to have a wider horizon. He hopes to Ferry in order to teach in these ESC regularly once or twice a month. After that, Ferry gave material that is substantially.

The subjects we have touched upon are:
1.     The general lack of possibilities to practice English conversation in Indonesia in general, and Pekanbaru in particular;
2.    We need to be exposed to English through film, music, internet etc. to learn the idiom, the glue that keeps a conversation together;
3.     We need to practice a language to build your vocabulary, train your muscles and get a better understanding of the grammar;
4.    We need to be confident to speak in public and not be afraid to make mistakes;
5.    the  differences of cultural that will be encountered when speaking with foreigners, and how to avoid being shocked by these differences.

Please feel free to adjust or add to these subjects, I may have left something out or interpreted it differently. I sincerely hope we can contribute to your efforts to master the English language,  Mr Ferry’s wife said.. (Mas Tom and Ins /IT Team of  PTA Pekanbaru){jcomments on}